A unique mix of dog walking and dog sports.

More Than Dog Walking

Dog walking is amazing for many dogs but some dogs need and want more. Maybe your dog has a lot of energy to get out? Or maybe you have a working dog who needs more stimulation? Do you just want your dog to be the healthiest and strongest it can possibly be? No matter your situation we have services that can help you and your dog. The client’s of NYC Dog Sports consistently remark how their dogs are more calm, stronger and happier.

What are you waiting for? Your city dog can be using the city as their playground as we do doggy parkour. One of the best features of our service? We consistently see a dog's self-confidence improve as they do climb, run and jump their way through our games. Sign-up today and we will do a 3 week assessment to discover what games and patterns your city dog enjoys most.

Our West Village dog walking services are everything your dog needs to be healthy and happy!

Weight Loss

Proto Dogs move, jump and run. Many city dogs become lethargic and walk in the same patterns every day. This can not only become boring for dogs but also cause their muscles, tendons and bones to become lazy. Not with Proto Dog!


Dog walks are great but they can’t match the health benefit of a cardio workout. Proto Dogs get their heart up and more oxygen in the blood can mean less sick dogs.
Strength Training

Proto Dog’s unique systems help strengthen your dog’s body. With more flexibility and strength your dog will feel better and can age better. We want to see your dog still able to jump onto your bed in their senior years.

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