Dog Walking West Village NYC

When we started dog walking in the West Village 15 years ago we had a few visions.

  • We wanted to have a positive life lasting impact on the dogs we worked with.
  • We wanted to make our customer’s lives easier.
  • We put a huge emphasis on the quality of the West Village dog walkers we hired.

Fifteen years later we are happy to say we have accomplished all three goals.


Our customers consistently remark on how their dogs have lost weight, become stronger and seem happier. Why you might ask? We believe there a few reasons:

  1. We walk dogs individually or in small groups if a client requests a group walk. This allows us to keep moving. Do you notice how often dogs in a pack are sitting as they wait to pick up another dog? We don’t do that. Your dog is always with us and they are always moving.
  2. Dog sports. This is our secret sauce. We look at the city with all its nooks and crannies as our personal playground. We find stairs and hills for dogs to climb. We search out empty areas to run with your dog or play fetch. We learn your dog’s behavior and design daily activities they love doing.
  3. Athletic walkers. Most of our walkers are athletes and competed in sports in college. This lens to the physical activity we offer your dogs.


Our clients love our walkers. That’s good because our average walker has been with us over five years. We look for people who want to create a career working with animals. We foster their passions and include them into their daily job. There is no ceiling when you work with us and that’s why our walkers are often so happy.

We try and take care of everything for our clients like:

  • We handle all backup coverage. If your dog walker gets sick or injured we provide a backup dog walker.
  • We handle the entire billing process. You submit your schedule and we turn it into a paid bill and send you a copy.
  • We are known for lightening fast digital communications.
  • We have relationships with many of the top dog trainers in New York City. These trainers advise our dog walkers and our clients have access to them at any time.

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dog walking west village
dog walking west village
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